Marble Quarry Owner, Manufacturer & Supplier: Stone Grid

Lot No SG 004 Lady Purple 20mm

Thickness – 20mm | Quantity – 2043.26 sqft | Size – 92x67x52

Lady Purple White Marble from Banswara, Rajasthan, is a premium and exclusive white marble renowned for its natural purple veins and intricate patterns, adding a touch of luxury to various applications such as bathrooms, flooring, wall cladding, handcrafts, and sculptures. Each block possesses a unique and distinct design, showcasing the beauty of natural stone. White marble, a metamorphic rock formed through the recrystallization of carbonate minerals under heat, pressure, and aqueous solutions, features a crystalline texture of varying thickness.

Marble, generally non-foliated yet with exceptions, proves ideal for moisture-prone areas like bathrooms and kitchens due to its antimicrobial properties, combating potential bacterial growth. White marble boasts a stunning appearance, consistent color, lack of grain, and higher translucency compared to other marble types.

1 What is the cost of Marble Stone?

The cost of Indian white marble stands between 220 and 1000 rupees per square foot for premium, exclusive natural stone, adhering to global standards of  20mm thickness.

2. What is white marble called?

White marble goes by various names such as Opal White, Pearl White, and Lady Purple White Stone. Marble and Granite White Purple Banswara Marble offers an extensive range of white marbles, ensuring assured quality at an affordable price. These white marbles serve multiple purposes and can be utilized in bedrooms, dining halls, kitchens, lobbies, parking areas, and more.

3. Where can one find the finest exclusive white marble stones?

In India, these marble stones are available at Stone Grid in the Kishangarh marble market. They offer competitive pricing due to owning their mines and factories, thus providing a cost advantage. Moreover, Stone Grid possesses its own factory and warehouse facilities.

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