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Why Stone Grid is the 1st Choice for Marble and Granite?

The advantages of 20 mm slabs lie in their beautiful and accurate color and pattern, along with their inherent strength, which is precisely what is required.

  • However, in the Indian market, there is a tendency to compromise on quality to reduce costs, without adequately informing customers about the benefits and drawbacks of marble size and thickness.
  • StoneGrid addresses these incorrect practices and guides its customers toward the benefits.
  • The significant advantage of sourcing stones from StoneGrid is that it breaks away from these incorrect practices and provides its customers with accurate guidance.
  • The most notable aspect of dealing with StoneGrid is that it offers exclusive natural stone factory rates to all its customers across India, a practice not followed by others in the industry.

Working in Global Standard

Exclusive Natural Stones

Symbole of Quality

Marble & Granite Own Quarries & Manufacturing Units

Stone Grid
(Unit of Kushalbagh Marbles Pvt. Ltd.)
Our company has more than 35+ years of experience in Marble and Granite with our own quarries and manufacturing units.

Specializing in exclusive premium marble blocks and slabs, we offer customized finishes to meet the unique needs of our customers.

Own Quarries & Manufacturing Units

35+ years of experience in Marble and Granite. We offer an exclusive collection of Banswara white, lady purple, Indian black Marquino, Seina black Marble, and Ocean Blue Granite.

Globally renowned, Banswara White Marble is in high demand in other countries due to its natural elegance. Stone Grid, with a quarry boasting over 35 years of experience, is actively involved in the mining process. There is currently a growing demand for Opal White Marble from various countries. Furthermore, Stone Grid presents exquisite varieties like Pearl White Marble and Lady Purple, both gifts of nature, adding to the allure of these beautiful marble options.

Bansawara White Marble Quarry
Factory And Processing Unit

With all amenities, this is an old factory that operates on global export standards today, using new modern equipment. It caters to all kinds of needs for customers from all countries.

In the factory, natural marble is cut, and gangsaw cutting, and marble handcrafted blocks are exported daily not only in India but also in other countries.

The factory conducts extensive polishing of natural marble and has a water filter plant that filters water for reuse, a process you can observe from marble extraction in the factory to warehousing on our YouTube channel.

Today, due to customer trust in Stone Grid, the company has established its presence in recognized countries. Stone Grid believes that the beauty of stone lies in its natural color patterns, and in the future, Stone Grid will continue to convey the cultural presentation and style of Rajasthan, India to people in the same way.


We offer an exclusive collection of Banswara white, Opal White, Pearl White,  lady purple, Indian black Marquino, Seina black Marble, Chima Pink Granite, and Ocean Blue Granite.


Visit the Kishangarh showroom to witness the epitome of premium quality.


In our warehouse, you will find only natural marble patterns because StoneGrid exclusively deals with natural stone. We do not sell stones that have undergone color alterations, and StoneGrid specializes in selling extraordinary premium-quality natural stones. StoneGrid has been operating at global standards for the last 35+ years, meeting the primary demand of customers.

Natural Stone Processing

Marble Extraction

  • Quarrying
  • Underground Mining

Marble Block Transportation

  • Mining site to the
  • processing plant

Marble Processing

  • Cutting & Polishing
  • Quality Control

Packaging and Transportation

  • Transportation to
  • Distribution Centers
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